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Site Information

This section contains all the information about the website itself.

History & Disclaimer

Moon Bunny was opened September 10th, 2006 and is run by Jinnienn Okada. Layout made by Wapiko in Adobe Photoshop 7, coded in Notepad. The site was originally titled "Live in Love" from the opening until July 28th, 2008.

I have no affiliation with Kana and can therefore not give her your messages. I am also NOT Kana; if you write something like "I love you" in the comment box of the join form, expect a reply from me telling you so. =P This website makes no profit, it is just a fan effort for other fans.


The title "Moon Bunny" comes from the title of Kana's 2007 album, "Tsuki no Usagi." That and I like the word "bunny" more than "rabbit." The site was originally titled "Live in Love," from a translated song lyric of Kana's, but was changed on July 28th, 2008 to "Moon Bunny."

Design Information

The current design was uploaded July 28th, 2008. Design made entirely in Adobe Photoshop 7 and coded in Notepad. It uses scans from an issue of Gothic & Lolita Bible that I found on Soulseek of Kana promoting Metamorphose. Background is a self-modified one from 77words. The brushes are primarily by Firefly Designs, but I forget who did the one in the header. If it was you and you want credit, please email me.

Past Designs

This is how the site used to look. I'm not sure why you'd want to, but please don't try to duplicate my designs.

This is version 1 of the fanlisting, back when I had it titled "Live in Love." I began work on it almost immediately after my approval, despite not being at home and only having my laptop. I think it came out well for being laptop-made (that is to say without a proper mouse). Unfortunately, I became unhappy with it over time. The background wasn't necessary and there was just too much pink. (And I *love* pink. D:) Design was up from September 10th, 2006, to July 28th, 2008.

Related Sites

These sites may or may not be affiliated with this 'listing, but I link them here because they are neat sites and are, somehow, related to the subject matter (affiliation or lack-there-of notwithstanding).

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